Hundreds of Muay Thai training camps

Muay Thai, which is popularly known and referred to as Thai boxing, is an ancient combat sport and a type of martial art developed by the people of Thailand as a self defense technique thousands of years ago. It is very popular in the Asian country to the extent that it is being practiced as a national sport.

This traditional sport of Thailand is also known as “The Science of Eight Limbs” because it allows the use of parts of the body, such as the hands, shin, elbows and knees in combat. It is one of the prized asset of the country and an important source of attraction to many across the world.

Hundreds of Muay Thai training camps found all over Thailand, train thousands of women and men of different ages and race on a yearly basis. Most of these training facilities are equipped with top of the range tools and equipment that is ideal for various exercises and workout. These camps also employ highly skilled and experienced trainers who are ready give necessary support to all trainees any time of the day.

Muay Thai uses different types of techniques and exercises as drills that include, but not limited to jogging, press ups, frog jumps, rope skipping and weight lifting. Others are strength conditioning, Abs workout, bag work, sparring tips, shadow boxing and stretching routines among others. Most of these workouts are simple and easy to engage in by anybody.

These drills are basically designed to improve strength, increase natural power, enhance physical endurance and bestow uncommon stamina on the trainees. They are considered by many to be very explosive because their obvious result is usually noticeable few weeks after the commencement of training.

All these techniques and workouts are very good for professional Muay Thai boxers and martial artists. However, they are equally ideal for individual who are interested in losing weight, keeping fit, conditioning the body, improving blood circulation and augmenting the rate of cardiovascular activities.

But without doubt, this great combat sport of Thailand is widely known outside the shores of the country for its effectiveness in helping a lot of people to shed excess weight and improve their health condition. Unlike other types of aerobic exercise program, Nora Muay Thai requires dedication and lots of commitment from all trainees in order to achieve the desired result at the end of the training.

It must be noted that those who had gone through Muay Thai training in any of the camps in Thailand in the past have not expressed any disappointment or regrets in any way because they had benefitted greatly from the training program.

2 Couple boxers on channel 7 might grasp the belt Muay Thai champion.

Chun Kertphet has revealed about Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday 8th February 2015 to setup with greatness , especially for the boxers to grasp the champion in channel 7 for 2 couple boxers. Besides, recently he has confirmed not to setup as this way before by bringing Prachanbarn to grasp the champion with Banlangngen and Sornthong to protect the champion in 118 pounds with Rungpet Phetchareon.


Moreover, there will be Suek Muai Thai ChedSee as the big match to send off the old year , but it just knows the date to fight on this 8th February 2015 after coming back to practice at the boxing camp. Then, the promoter Chun Kertphet has made the list of the boxers in channel 7 for 2 champion ones for being the new year gift for Thai muay thai fans on channel 7 ; namely the first couple boxer to grasp the champion in 108 pounds between Banlangngen P. Peannaphat facing with Prachanbarn Wisutchareonyon and the master couple boxer or Sornthong S. Yingchareonkarnchang to protect the champion in 118 pounds to fight with Rungphet Phetchareon.

Later, there are 2 couple boxers to grasp the champion as the excellent one of channel 7 , and this is the first chance to setup 2 couple boxers with the luckiness of the muay thai fans to grasp the champion  in the same day. Moreover, whoever will be the champion on this Sunday  8th February 2015 might know the result ,which everyone shouldn’t miss to watch this great program.

Tips which Female Fighters must Keep in Mind when Training Muay Thai

You might be wondering why I chose to write about tips only intended for female Muay Thai fighters, well any other tips would’ve worked for both male and female fighters but keeping the female behavior in mind, here are some tips especially for the female fighters which they must keep in mind when training Muay Thai at Training camps. So you noticed, I pointed Training camps – these tips are especially for those women who train at Muay Thai camps, if you practice at home then these tips won’t be that helpful.

1. Keep EGO aside
When you’re at the training camp, practicing Muay Thai, keep your female ego aside when training. Listen to the trainers carefully and follow their instructions, don’t fell in personal fights and issues with other students, especially female students. There have been many cases when two or more female students share cold vibes and dominate each other. Always remember, you’re there for training and nothing else.
2. Never Date other Students
This is an important one. Many times female fighters start dating other students, this seriously affects the training quality and practice. If you’re in a relationship with other students then you might not be able to concentrate on your training and end up talking or checking out your partner. On a serious note, never ever date your coaches or Muay Thai instructors, these type of relationships are complicated and never work out. Roxy Richardson, a popular female Muay Thai fighter has written a lot of articles on this and highly recommends ‘No Dating Teamates’
3. Keep a Clear Focus
Your mind must be focused to your goal, don’t wander here and there and lose focus. Follow all the instructions, train hard and overcome your weaknesses. Never lose hope, it might look difficult at first but once you keep doing it, you’ll get in better shape and your form will improve. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, practice regularly, focus on your weak spots and always help others who need help.

So these were some tips which you must keep in mind when training in Muay Thai camps.