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Muay Thai as Agent of Weight Loss with the popular sport

Mora Mosad 0

There is a popular saying that goes thus “The only things standing between who you are and who you want to be, is what you DO”.

FEAR has been, and will continue to be your greatest challenge to overcome. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of failure. Fear of being average. Fear of your potential. Fear knocked you off the wagon last week. You need to start becoming an expert at crawling back on and beating the odds. But no short term comfort is worth a long term goal. We all know that to be our best selves we have to surround ourselves with people who lift us up. You have to cut out of your life the negative influencers, the enablers, the emotional nutcrackers!!!

It has long be known that Thailand is one of the best places to train Muay Thai. Travelers flock from all over the world for training under top Muay Thai trainers and learn the martial art.

For many years they have built up a name for themselves and quickly gained popularity amongst locals and travelers alike. In fact, they currently have some of the top trainers training their guests in the gym. However, now Thailand has become much more than just a Muay Thai gym. They have expanded to accommodate a full Detox program, added additional Fitness activities and created a Weight Loss Package.

The goal of a Weight Loss Program is to help anyone to lose the excess weight with the support of a professional team attentive to the needs of individuals and that will make him feel like family. Some muay thai training camps specialize in weight loss through a healthy and balanced diet and a new type of training: PERSONAL DEFENSE. Lose weight by learning how to defend yourself!

Women are not left out from this awesome experience but like most sports, females have their own categories.

MUAY THAI is the Thai national sport and a great way to stay in shape as basic cardio activity. There are usually two training sessions daily (morning and evening) during which Thai champions will teach you the techniques and will push you to your limit. Coaches have the ability to prepare each person differently according to its technical and physical requirements.

Female Muay Thai has become more and more popular over the last few years. Most of the time women train for the mere purpose of getting fit, for weight loss, body toning or for self-defense, but there are many women who become really good at it and decide to take up training for fighting.

Muay Thai was invented many years ago by Thai warriors and is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. Compared to Western Boxing Muay Thai is traditional and is thereby taken very seriously. Training is very versatile and challenging both technically and stamina. A unique martial art where you can enjoy a workout, have fun and can compete with others.


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