Tips which Female Fighters must Keep in Mind in Muay Thai Program

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You might be wondering why I chose to write about tips only intended for female Muay Thai fighters, well any other tips would’ve worked for both male and female fighters but keeping the female behavior in mind, here are some tips especially for the female fighters which they must keep in mind when training Muay Thai at Training camps. So you noticed, I pointed Training camps – these tips are especially for those women who train at Muay Thai camps, if you practice at home then these tips won’t be that helpful.


1. Keep EGO aside
When you’re at the training camp, practicing Muay Thai, keep your female ego aside when training. Listen to the trainers carefully and follow their instructions, don’t fell in personal fights and issues with other students, especially female students. There have been many cases when two or more female students share cold vibes and dominate each other. Always remember, you’re there for training and nothing else.
2. Never Date other Students
This is an important one. Many times female fighters start dating other students, this seriously affects the training quality and practice. If you’re in a relationship with other students then you might not be able to concentrate on your training and end up talking or checking out your partner. On a serious note, never ever date your coaches or Muay Thai instructors, these type of relationships are complicated and never work out. Roxy Richardson, a popular female Muay Thai fighter has written a lot of articles on this and highly recommends ‘No Dating Teamates’
3. Keep a Clear Focus
Your mind must be focused to your goal, don’t wander here and there and lose focus. Follow all the instructions, train hard and overcome your weaknesses. Never lose hope, it might look difficult at first but once you keep doing it, you’ll get in better shape and your form will improve. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, practice regularly, focus on your weak spots and always help others who need help.

So these were some tips which you must keep in mind when training in Muay Thai camps.

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