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Posts published in November 2017

Jump Rope For Boxing And Muay Thai

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When I got young, basically child really, I advocated God. Didn’t everyone? With my childlike sense of wonder, it made sense. Mere mortals was unable to possible make the vast…

School, The Martial Arts And Cross Training

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To learn the secret of a proper golf swing, you must first learn how to grip a golf club securely. Unlike most sport activities, like tennis or weightlifting, whereby you…

How To Select Muay Thai Shorts?

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College students need cheap halloween costume knowledge. They eat cheap food (Ramen Noodle), drive cheap cars (1988 Ford Escort), and expertly locate $1.00 beer nights at local watering loopholes. College…

Martial Arts For Self Defense

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For most, asking these types of give up sugar is a lot like asking them to give up breathing – impossible. Sugar is a fundamental beauty tool in most people’s…